Dental Emergency Services That You Might Need

Dental emergencies are not the same as regular checkups or scheduled operations and surgeries. These are unplanned and urgent events that might have occurred due to accidents. Moreover, dental emergencies are threats that will cause excess damage if delayed.

That is why you should consult an emergency dentist hawthorne professional if you need immediate attention.

What Is A Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies are very common since the oral region is highly sensitive and thus prone to injury.

You should be able to identify the severe symptoms that delineate an emergency. If you or anyone you know shows the following signs, then they require emergency dental services.

Excess Or Unstoppable Bleeding And Pain

Bleeding and pain are the first signs of a dental emergency. Bleeding can be easily spotted and should not be ignored if continuous. Emergency dental care will aim to stop the bleeding through urgent treatment.

In cases of pain, patients are advised to seek attention at the earliest. Pain is a primary indicator that something is wrong. If bleeding or pain persists, you risk losing a tooth due to damage.

Loose Teeth

Adults have a full set of permanent teeth that are tightly held in place. If your tooth appears loose, this is a sign of an emergency. It could be a serious underlying problem, even if there is no pain. By seeking emergency attention, you can increase your chances of saving the at-risk tooth.

Serious Infections

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Infections in the mouth can often spread if neglected for long. Infections or abscess can even become fatal in some cases if allowed to reach other parts surrounding the mouth. To spot a major infection, look for knots or inflammation in your face and gum area.

Seek treatment on an emergency basis if you notice any such signs.


Emergency dental services are an indispensable part of dental health care. Many patients benefit from emergency treatment thanks to timely operation and alleviation of pain. Know where you can go in cases of a dental emergency and consult your dentist regarding the same.